Memories of a past life




On the way to Bega last weekend to shoot the movie Elindil’s Secret, I made the whole convoy stop at Newmerella (3 k this side of Orbost) . It was kind of sad but also brought back some good memories of life in the middle of nowhere all those years ago. I left home to work in Melbourne, when I was 17,  so it is a long time since I lived there. Our house has been pulled down and so has the general store where I learned some terrific work ethics from my boss (Dad) and ate lots of lollies and icecreams.

old-newmerella.jpgIn the pic (left), I am standing in the same place as in the pic above (with my friends) but facing the other way. Anyone know why my nicname was ‘Big bird’, ‘Long lolly liquorice legs’, ‘Stretch’ and ‘Jenny giraffe’?

Memories…….. back when I was a giant.

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