The forgotten one!!

david-h.jpg You just can’t keep everyone happy can you? I put that pic accross the top of my blog of some of the ‘Elindil’s Secret’ crew but unfortunately the Exec Producer was TAKING the photo and he has complained about his absense! Whine whine whine.

So here it is ‘Hepta’, your own special pic! He really is a trouper with a similar dry sense of humour to mine.  I have great fun chatting on ‘Twitter’ with him and some of the other crew.

There…… thats the nicest thing I have ever said to you, does that make up for it????


  1. Hey there Jen!

    What excitement. I’ve just read about the trip to Egypt and Blake moving out (with Marley) and Sophie getting her licence and your new job! My head is spinning!! hehehe

    Congratulate Soph for me, she’ll have to come for a drive down to the beach as soon as the weather improves.

    Good to catch up on all your news.


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