Losing your teeth aint all bad!


We had fun taking these pics tonight when we were supposed to be making tea. I think we take the prize for the silliest photos. BELIEVE me, the worst ones have been deleted!

A tooth is better out than in, in my case! I am glad to be rid of it. I must admit though, today I had to think long and hard about eating a piece of Toblerone. I am not sure that my remaining teeth can take the stress!! I think I need to move onto blended food and yoghurt from now on. So sad!

One comment

  1. Yes, education on how to eat after an extraction, no its more like wrenching (A sudden sharp, forcible twist or turn) . You should try eating when you have 2 wisdom teeth removed, one on either side of your mouth. Front teeth are fantastic for the initial bite, don’t work that well for chewing.


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