An update on my world!

An update on my world!

Since this is my new blog and I have had such exciting stuff happen lately (!), here is an update! This all happened last week believe it or not!

Firstly, Blake ‘half’ moved out of home last Friday. He has moved in with his 2 male band members into a house in Brunswick. He will be home when he has work, TAFE and when he is in the movie (Elindil’s secret…………….see our link). So really, he hasn’t moved out at all!

To top off the ’empty nest syndrome’ …… Marley is having a holiday at Blakes house. It is very strange here with out them both! I can put my slippers on the floor and know that they won’t be chewed into a mush 5 minutes later lol.

Sophie got her license last Friday (YAY!) and hasn’t been home since. She offers to drive an pick up stuff from the supermarket which is handy.

Last week I got offered a new job. Still at Swinburne, based at Croydon, but in a different department as a ‘Flexible learning advisor’ in a Senior Educator position. I will be advising teachers how to put courses on line (pretty basic description!). I feel really sad to leave my students but it should be a good fun job.

We booked our first overseas trip! It was VERY impulsive (esp for Col).  We are off to Egypt in January with the Police and Firebrigade trip for 14 nights. It includes 3 nights cruising down the Nile on a ship thingo, 1 overnight on a 1st class train sleeper and lots of other things. Hmmmmm, will have to practise singing and dancing ‘Walk like an Egyptian’!

Thats all for the exciting news, now for the yukky stuff………….

I am having a tooth out today cos I have an abscess. The tooth is broken off at the roots (had it pinned and built up a month ago but it obviously didn’t work!!) so it might be an adventure having it out. Why do we have teeth? I sometimes wonder. They are such a drag.

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