Movie making

Chill out!Over the past few months I have been making costumes  for an amateur movie being made: ‘Elindil’s Secret’ .  Now I am attending all the movie shoots as the Wardrobe support person. As you can see in the pic above, taken at the Grampians, it has been pretty cold. All you can see is my nose!

Shooting is taking place all over Victoria and NSW every weekend until December 2007.


  1. I like the photo of the “Grampians” cast and crew even though I’m not in it. I think I need to get others to start getting behind the camera’s.


  2. Jenny you are amazing! I am so pleased that you have taken up the new position in the Flexible earning area.You will be great.
    You have had a stellar career path!1


  3. I have a pimple on my tongue u told me its coz i lied… was it when i said u looked beautiful in that pic….. :O :O :O :O hehehehehehe

    love daughter sophie x


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