The Argentinian balloon expander

tissue_expander_unfilled_tcm8-329403Last week I attended many days of appointments but the most memorable one was the appointment with the plastic surgeon to have my tissue expander inflated by 100ml of saline.

My doctor transformed from a lovely man with a quiet demeanour, to a giant Argentinian with a grim expression… armed with a silicone gun sized syringe. He came charging towards me, closely resembling a maniac. I was frozen to the bed but in my head I was running up the corridor screaming. Colin was on the other side of the curtain being amused by my comments. I don’t remember what my amusing comments were or I would share them.

Unlike the image I have attached for your information, it was a syringe with just a needle in it. It is inserted into a port at the top of the ‘breast’ through the pectoral muscle wall and skin. It didn’t hurt at all but the horror of the advancing doctor was enough to give me nightmares for 3 nights.

Guess what? He is coming back 4-5 more times with that thing. Eek! The fluid in the expander gives me a ‘crushing’ sensation, but this only lasts a day or so.

Amongst other appointments last week, I had a CT scan and a bone scan (which took all of Friday!). This is to check the spread of cancer to other places. I’m praying for that to be clear because that definitely isn’t a good thing, since it’s incurable once it leaves the breast. The results of that will be given to me on Tuesday (tomorrow) and on Wednesday I have more Dolly Parton fluid injected by the Argentinian maniac and then I have chemo straight after.

Whoo! More poison for me. I can’t wait. *Said with a tad of sarcasm*.