No hugging

Screenshot 2:02:2015 1:54 pmNow that I have 2 weeks left of treatment, I have nasty burns from the radiotherapy across my back and chest down to my waist. I thought they were ‘normal’ but the nurses and doctor said they were very nasty and I need to have it dressed every 3 hours and by the nurse every morning. If it doesn’t improve they will need to stop treatment. Aint nobody got time for dat! (one of my favourite quotes from a YouTube clip).

I’m counting down the days to finishing 12 months of treatment. Let’s hope the burns don’t get worse. Besides, we are going away next week. Not too far away because we have to come in each morning for Radiotherapy (and now dressing changes). Ho hum.

I’m getting very sleepy now too. Yesterday I slept 4 hours in the afternoon, woke at 7pm, went back to bed at 10pm and slept through the night. That’s a lotta sleep! I still feel sleepy today but I’m trying to stay awake.

I’ve had a couple of exciting events this week to balance out the bad stuff.

1. I went away for 3 nights with my lovely sisters and did artwork all weekend which was so nice.

2. I was asked to draw and design a label for a famous rum company in QLD (not Bundy)

3. I got a 2 page spread in a magazine (page 54 onwards)

4. Next week I will have officially lived to an older age than both of my parents (biological). Mum got cancer at the same age as me (53) and died on Feb 8th 20 years ago when she was 54 (the age I am now). That’s a scary thing. Hooray I’m still here to pester you all!

Screenshot 2:02:2015 2:17 pm So the blessings outweigh the radiotherapy burns!

I’m so ‘glad’ I’m all wrapped up in Gladwrap for our wedding anniversary next week. That should spice up the marriage a bit. That and my new snowball hair that’s growing. Hubba hubba!

Of course the other problem is that I’m likely to punch anyone who hugs me.



  1. Congrats on the magazine spread! Wow those burns look painful. So much for the persistent myth that women complain more readily than men or can’t tolerate pain as well! I’m glad the nurses realized it wasn’t normal though. Hope it heals up ok.


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