Ground hog day


Me getting zapped!

Life is a little like ‘Ground hog day’ right now. I take myself to radiotherapy every day, work in the morning, sleep in the afternoon and get up and cook tea. I’m looking forward to 3 weeks time which Sophie points out is Friday the 13th.

I have a nasty itchy rash across my chest, shoulder and the back of my neck which doesn’t want to settle but the staff assure me my skin looks amazing given the stage I’m at with the treatment, so I would like to thank the cows who provided the ‘Moo Goo’ for that!

This weekend I’m going away for 3 nights with my 3 sisters on an art retreat. I’ve packed all my art gear and no clothes so I hope it’s warm. That will be 3 days off radiotherapy and a lot of chin wagging instead.

Last weekend I went to a party in Kilmore with the MOTH. It said on the invitation ‘a little bit of country’. Something came over me and I decided to go as Dolly Parton. I made the decision on the day of the party so it was a bit ‘last minute’ but with the help of Sophie managed to find a wig and throw some clothes together.

Half way to Kilmore it dawned on me that I probably wouldn’t know anyone as it was Colins’ work mate and the usual crowd wouldn’t be there. Too late!!! I looked like an idiot and that was that. When I arrived everyone had on the token cowboy hat, checked shirt or their usual clothing on. I introduced myself as Dolly to several of Colins workmates and they didn’t react.  To top i10941007_10152696933189506_6617064484451209131_nt off one person asked me if it was my real hair. REALLY???? She thought I looked like that all the time? How flattering. Yellow shiny doll hair that cost $13 looks real? I could have saved myself the $$$$$ I spent on wigs and just gone to the $2 shop.

By the way, the irony of being Dolly Parton wasn’t lost on me. I amuse myself sometimes.





  1. Maybe you should have had a guitar and been singing Stand by your man or some other terrible country song and they would have been clued in….were you showing a lot of cleavage??? 🙂


  2. Hi Jenny, I’m now following your blog and enjoying the info on your treatments. Loved your comments re the Kilmore party I’m sure you looked the part. At least you went to some effort! Thinking of you and all the crap stuff you have to endure on this journey. All the very best. Love Cynthia & Ian

    Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:19:00 +0000 To:


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