Living life with perspective

1a560329b6ffb045b286c8521d85c720-1I’m all ready with my armour on to tackle the next chemo sucker due on the 19th. In many respects I’m not getting as many symptoms on this chemo as with Paclitaxol but with my current stomach problems the next and final 3 hits are going to be a challenge. I’m so glad they are only 3 weekly now and that I get time to recover, unlike before when chemo was every week. I feel much better now and even drove the car! Whee! I am concerned about my concentration on the road. My brain is getting worse and worse. There is so much fog in there I feel like I need a personal assistant. If you see me on the road clear outta the way.

I’m soooo excited about this weekend. All 8 of us (kids and partners) are going away for the weekend and staying in a big house. A house full of noisy extroverts and a boisterous staffy pup named Angus is just what I need ha ha. Marley is staying at home where he will remain calm and not bark all weekend. Hmmm. We are so blessed to have AMAZING next door neighbours who are also very close friends. We only have one house adjoining ours so it’s just as well they are so tolerant of ‘Sir Barkalot’.

This little chapter of my life isn’t all about fighting cancer. It may sound odd but I have gained more positives from having cancer than negatives and my purpose in life feels crystal clear. It’s not about bucket lists and last wishes or a feeling like I am going to die… it’s just about prioritising what’s important. That’s why I am excited about the weekend. Spending time with my amazing family and their partners is going to be wonderful! I just love how they have developed as adults and that they all get along so well. They spend time together even when Col and I are not there which warms my heart. In fact, it was one of the partners who organised the weekend so it’s nice to know they aren’t dragging their heels to come. Us mothers just love harmony in the nest:)

Oh and I managed to run 3k on the treadmill yesterday without throwing up my cookies. The gym team are very grateful I’m sure he he.



  1. I agree 100% that us mothers ” love harmony in the nest.” It is the best feeling to see your own children and partners interacting and caring for each other…… I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend.

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