Kick butt news

10457180_804091166281343_499142815765436925_nYesterday I had the first treatment of cycle four of Paclitaxel (chemo). On the day of the first chemo appointment I always see the doctor for a measure up and to check how I’m going with side effects etc. The doctor named me ‘Super woman’ because of my exercise routine and then armed herself with the measuring tape to measure the tumour. She soon discovered that she couldn’t find it to measure! It’s shrunk from an egg to ‘too small to find’ within 3 months. That’s something to be happy about yes?

I still have 5 months of chemo, then surgery and then radiotherapy but it’s certainly a promising outcome. Being on a clinical trial, the order of process won’t change. Even though the tumour can’t be felt, it will take a scan or biopsy to tell if it’s still there and the cells in the blood stream need to be killed too.  I will finish in March with flying colours at this rate!

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayer and support it’s really appreciated and helps boost my spirits and health to a higher level.

I’m back to having the weird taste in my mouth, a little tired but otherwise good. PLUS I’ve sold 10 art works this week so far so the excitement is just too much!


    1. Jen God has His hand on you, your special and I am not surprised about your on going good news, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Father that made you, loves you, and made you the creative person that you are……you go girl……!!


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