MS fun walk/run

Some of our ‘Are we there yet?’ team did the MS fun walk/run on Sunday to support our dear friend who has had MS for 21 years. She is such a trouper. She walked the 5km’s, taking regular rests like a good woman and made it around the whole course. I’m so proud of her!

Cheif running MOTH

10440853_10152212061764506_6969246208604146620_nThe MOTH decided to be my jogging partner (with a little prompting) because Sophie couldn’t. Given that he hasn’t run 5k since the MFB recruits in 1904BC he was a little dubious. His crew at work told him that they would have the MICA unit ready for him.

In typical fashion, he ran the 5k without even getting puffed out or looking at all exerted. He still had his jacket on to keep him warm. I was conscious of keeping up with him the whole way even though I’ve been training my butt off! Grrr. To top it off he went through the finish line one second faster.

The only consolation is that he is walking like a 99 year old man today and has lost the spring in his step. I do appreciate him coming with me and it was just as well he did!

 I found my boundaries


First aid in the background just in case

My oncologist agreed that I should keep up the running while I’m having chemo but not to run until I can’t get my breath. Oops. It wasn’t the MOTH needing resuscitation it was me! I got to the 4k mark and felt very weary so I began to walk but after 5 steps I got dizzy so started running again. For some reason I wasn’t dizzy when I was running. I had run 5k on the treadmill twice during the week so it wasn’t a big challenge.

I got over the finish line and suddenly couldn’t breath so had to take a trip in the wheelchair to First Aid. That kind of took the elation of going through the finish line away. Boo!

By the time the medics got to me I was breathing fine but giddy so they did blood sugar, oxygen tests and blood pressure. I think they were excited to use all their equipment ha ha. My oxygen levels were down but they came up again when I took deep breaths. It’s amazing how that works. I have no idea why that happened but I guess I’ll chat to them at chemo tomorrow or ask one of my running friends for advise.

The best part of the First Aid tent was that Rosie and I managed to do a strip tease behind a blanket and change out of our wet tshirts.

Thanks to Tony for driving us all in. We had a lovely warm coffee and a free tour of the city afterwards. I can’t wait for the next one! Next time I’ll take it a little more easy.


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