I’m moulting! moulting! Oh, what a world! What a world!

… but please don’t throw a bucket of water over me.

I had that spelled as ‘malting’ because I thought it was funnier but a certain friend thought I was turning into beer so I’ve changed it to moulting just for him. Yeesh.

Note: For those who need the explanation… ‘I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!’ is from the Wizard of Oz

Unfinished 'malting' art piece.

‘Moulting’ (unfinished)

Although it’s shedding quite quickly, I’m trying to make my hair last until Easter Sunday. Not as a strange religious ceremony but because Shannon is coming over to have his head shaved and we thought we might do it together. As an act of support, Shannon’s lovely boss at Millar and Merrigan has donated $500 to our Mothers day classic fun run team, from the company funds. A big thanks to them!

Screenshot 17:04:2014 9:52 amMy other son, Blake, shaved his head a week or so back so we are going to look like some weird cult family the way we are going. The MOTH has declined and so has Sophie. Boo!

I must say, all jokes aside, it isn’t something I’m looking forward to. I’ve always had a mop of curly hair, hence the ‘dishmoptop’.  As much as ‘it’s only hair’ it feels like I’m being stripped of my identity. Will I just look like a cancer patient now? I’ve managed to dodge the pitying looks and stares so far. Perhaps it will be liberating to have all my vices stripped away. Or not.

Of course, I do have the most gorgeous WIGS ever. Rachel Welsh ones in fact. The MOTH always fancied her so it might put a spark into the marriage *wink*.

It’s going to be interesting as I’ve always hated wearing hats, or anything on my head. It feels like I’ve got my head in a vice. I even hate pony tails! However, I’m getting a lovely hat collection going and I’m almost looking forward to wearing them.

 Chemo news

I know this is TMI but I’ve had an ‘upset stomach’ for 3 days now. No nausea, just annoying trips to the loo all day and night. I’ve gone from one extreme to the other which is common on Paclitaxel. I’m either taking a laxative or Gastrostop and nothing in between. But it’s not debilitating and the only other painful side effect I have is a niggling sore throat, which is also common.

Chemo art!

Chemo art!

The cortisone they give me with the chemo keeps me WIDE awake on the first night after chemo. I got so exasperated with it this week that I took a sleeping tablet (prescription) and I managed to get 2 hours sleep and was wide awake for the rest of the night and the next day. I think I should make good use of all that energy on chemo nights and go work in a factory or something. Perhaps they are giving me speed or something by mistake.

Now that I’ve bored you with my complaints… I’ve got exciting news. I have a one week break from chemo next week. HOORAY!!!

That will be my first ’round’ finished (4 week block). 7 to go and who’s counting?

Screenshot 16:04:2014 10:02 am


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