Facing another tiger

10151853_10152099808549506_1894207290_nAs you can see, cancer isn’t the first tiger I’ve had to face! Cancer seems to have paws and teeth greater than the Tiger in Thailand but I intend to strangle it instead of holding it tentatively.

Good news: We found a 4 HOUR CAR PARK AT MAROONDAH HOSPITAL today for my chemo session. Whoot! Plus… we were only there for 3.5 hours so we had 30 minutes to spare. I hope we donated those 30 minutes to somebody who needed them. The MOTH sat semi patiently through the chemo session, even though he didn’t have the ‘move the car’ breaks every 2 hours. What a man:)

I should be finished by February 2015.

Whee! February 2015. That’s providing I don’t have any low blood cells and need a break from chemo. I was advised today that I’ve actually got 26 more weeks of chemo to go before I have surgery and radiotherapy as it’s a 7 month chemo program. From this angle that seems like a long haul and I have to admit that it often feels overwhelming. I am usually very active with art projects, work, uni etc but right now it seems I am just concentrating on getting well. It’s pretty boring and self centred but I can’t seem to think outside this little world I’m in. It’s not that I have nothing to do, it’s more that I can’t find any focus. I have a listlessness that is foreign to me. I don’t think the ‘chemo fog’ in my brain helps! Each week I am in a completely different state of mind so perhaps it’s a phase. Hooray for moving to the next phase!

A massive week of shenanigans

Last week was pretty huge. The chemo side effects weren’t too bad, just lots of small things and general tiredness. Of course if you look at what happened during the week it’s any wonder I wasn’t exhausted…

  • I went to Daylesford on the weekend before chemo with my sister
  • My son crawled out unscathed from a 4WD accident where the car had flipped onto it’s roof (see last post) and gave me a heart attack
  • I started chemo!!
  • I kept up my exercise routine as per usual
  • I went to Ballarat overnight with Colin mid week
  • My daughter is going through a tough time right now. Us mothers feel our daughters pain with them.

It’s all happening at the Wood hood. I managed to walk 10+km at Ballarat, run 3.5 km around the athletics track and another 3km on a treadmill plus 3 gym/pilates classes and I’ve been out galavanting, socialising and entertaining visitors as well.

The doctor said today that I am on the highest end of the scale for my ability to exercise during chemo and that it will help to overcome the effects and the efficiency of the drug. That and all my little prayer warriors have certainly done the trick.

They removed one of the 3 anti-nausea drugs I was on because it is playing havoc with my digestive system and it seems I’m not getting nausea. Hooray for that! I came out of chemo today with flying colours and after a little nap I’m ready to tackle the world from my chemo foggy brain. Woo hoo!


  1. Woo Hoo! To you and yours too. We find your blog so honest and inspiring. At the end of this journey your diary must be published in a book as it would be so supportive to others facing these challenges. The Cancer Council has an annual Arts/Literary Show where experiences are shared. You may want to consider this at some stage but then again you may not and that’s ok. At the moment it’s all about you and those you love. Even though we are not in regular contact we want you to know that you are always in our thoughts. Love Jan and Tom


  2. Hi there Sunshine…you come bursting through the clouds of any day with your brilliant smile and a heart full of delight. I am pleased you can count one anti nausea drug down and reading your exercise regime is enough to tire me..so no wonder you are weary. The chemo fog is a great investment in forgetting that nothing matter but getting well and if you can stay focused on just that then I’m all for it.
    Stayin by your side..love you.. xox


  3. Good to hear you still have the energy and determination to carry on as usual, Jenny. How Sophie is ok. Gold stars to the MOTH.
    Love to you all

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