Wales and York and their funny accents

We were staying in a REALLY posh place in Ludlow where we were living far above our rank (to quote my Dad). We thought we had better get out after 2 nights because it took too much energy to keep up the good behaviour. From there we drove over the Welsh border and rode over a huge aqueduct in a canal boat and enjoyed visiting a couple of unpronounceable Welsh towns. We love listening to the locals speak and often get the giggles. They are probably doing the same when they hear the MOTH say ‘owyagowin?’. I often have to interpret both ways. People look blankly at Colin with his Aussie speak and then to me for help. I’m going to start charging interpreter fees.

We are currently staying near Filey in a POSH caravan, or what we would call a ‘mobile home’ in Australia. Really you would have to see it to believe it although we can’t seem to get hot water without turning on the heating as well. Since we are pretty cold thats ok at night. The locals think they are having a heat wave because its 21 degrees. You should hear them. ‘Its just too hot. I hope it doesn’t get any hotter than this!’

We’ve loved the usual spread of castles and ruins and eaten plenty of carbs and carbs and carbs. Tonight I am eating fruit to balance them all out. The MOTH is eating more carbs, but then he won’t put on the pud so it doesn’t matter.

Yesterday we spent the day in Whitby and Scarborough. Whitby in particular is amazing and has a lot to see without being too big or overrun with tourists. The two photos below are from Whitby…



We are currently an hours drive from York but we spent the day there today and loved it. We went to the Railway museum for about 2 hours (or more) and thought of Dad heaps. He would be so excited to see it he would leap out of his boots! It’s the biggest in the world and very nicely displayed in an old train station. I took plenty of snaps for him but I’ve got no eye for trains so I probably photographed the wrong things… like the pretty interiors if carriages😀

My highlight today was getting to hold a massive European owl. I had a thick glove on but it was very heavy and at one point it saw a pigeon and wanted to go after it so it was flapping its wings almost knocking me over. Still, I got the mandatory photo and that’s what matters!

One more day here and then we are off to Windermere in the Lakes district.


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