Planking in Singapore

Colin is a good sport sometimes. I almost drive him insane with my ‘photo moments’ but when I drag him into it as a prop… it’s even more testing on his patience.

We arrived in Singapore at 6.30am after very little sleep and went straight to our hotel and slept for 7 hours. Then we got up, walked about 15 k around the city for 5 hours and went back to bed and slept another 11 hours!! Nice way to shake off the jet lag.

Singapore marina

I’m not a big fan of Dubai, but I have to admit, Singapore mixes their affluence with some nice artistic style and good taste. The shopping is horribly expensive, but it was interesting to look and there are plenty of  cheaper  ‘bling bling’ markets around, although the prices are still pretty high.

The botanical gardens and Orchid gardens were beautiful and we spent most of the afternoon there today. I was excited to have a giant lizard chase me across the lawn, which I filmed for evidence.

The hop-on-hop-off bus and the river cruises have kept us busy for 2 days and will include a trip to Sentosa Island tomorrow for the day.

All this and then back to home on Friday morning… if Sophie wakes up early enough to pick us up (6.20am landing!!).

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