From bird poop to glory

Today I had a lovely time turning an old post box into a side table. I bought it off ebay and it said in the description ‘comes with free bird poo and spiders’. I was pleased to see that their description was correct and I wasn’t ripped off! The Post box is from ‘Spring Gully’ area which is near where my daughter in law was raised (Hamilton, Vic).

I started by scrubbing the metal post box doors with boot polish and then rubbing the brass plates back to show the brass. After cleaning out the cobwebs I got the hot air gun onto the paint and then sanded it down. I didn’t want to take all the paint off as it gives it character. After a coat of Danish oil, I painted some legs, purchased at Bunnings and glued them on. I’m sure they should be screwed on but I’m too impatient and the Danish oil was still wet so glue it is. If they fall off at some point, I’ll attach them properly!

I’m keeping the remote control in #1. Shhhh. no-one knows yet. It goes well with my huge mirror which sits across the wall above it and has the same ‘shabby painted look’.

I think turning old things that were meant for something else into furniture is my new hobby;)


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