A nicname for Colin

Me, Lee and Lorraine

Leaving Ko Sumet was difficult after such a lovely relaxing time on the beach but we have exciting things ahead of us!
We caught the boat across to where our mini bus was waiting for us. This boat wasn’t so packed with people or fish so wasn’t as interesting as the trip across. The mini bus trip to Bangkok should have taken 3-4 hours but took 2 and a half. This included us being kicked out half way and asked to get into another bus with a different driver. No explanation was given but we suspect it’s because we asked him to turn the music down (!). The 2nd driver drove at 130k and more and tailgated vehicles the whole way. I chose to read my book and not look but Col was watching him. At one stage he had a mobile phone in each hand while driving. Even so, we arrived in Bangkok safely and managed to organise ourselves to get a 2nd fitting of COLINS SUIT TO WEAR TO THE WEDDING (!!!) and to shop at the markets via taxi.

Mel, Col and Bruce

We have arranged our guided trip to Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, Worlds tallest Pagoda, Long boat down Kwai Noi River, Death railway, Hellfire pass, Erawan national park/waterfall hike and the tiger temple. This will be over 2 nights (3 days) and we will leave from Bangkok on Sunday, returning again on Tuesday.
We had about 2 hours of shopping frenzy tonight. OK, well truthfully… Lee, Lorraine and I did. The frenzy ended in even more tablecloths and bags purchased.
Tomorrow Col and I are going to the Grand Palace and the Oriental hotel for high tea.
I’m not sure what day or date it is anymore. My tummy is still cramping and playing up after almost a week but I feel pretty good to eat and walk around so I am putting up with it.

Colin has a new nicname.

Col walked into our room the other night, bowing and using the Thai gesture with his hands together in front of his face and saying ‘Buttercup’. After laughing (nervously) I asked what that was supposed to mean. Then I realised that What he was attempting to copy the Thai greeting ‘Sawatdee khrap (cup)’. Buttercup???? He now greets the ‘panel of aunts and uncles’ that way too, which gives us a good laugh.
So the new nicname is ‘Buttercup’.

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