Art: Stuffing shopping into a small space

The motel in Phimai cost $14 Aus per room so we should have no complaints but there was no top sheet and the bed was not the most comfortable. The fridge didn’t work and the hostess had attitude (for good reason). Breakfast cost us about $1 Aus per item (porridge with pork, chicken or prawns being one of the highlights). This all combined to make it yet another funny adventure and part of the excitement of ‘doing it semi rough’!

Phi Mai ancient temple

After breakfast we managed to pack our growing luggage and ourselves up and go to see the ancient Phimai temple. This was both beautiful and inspiring, with its magnificent trees and ancient ruins.
Our trip back to Tha Phon was interupted by lunch. The guys thought it was just lunch… but us women discovered silk shops all along the streets of the little place, Nong Mai Kaen, we stopped at. After eating lunch, which consisted of PORK because that’s all they had, we took to the shops and discovered beautiful and cheap bolts of silk and clothing in about 6 shops. Many hours and $$ later, the guys managed to get us back into the car with even more luggage, stuffed into every spot in the car possible.
The last part of the trip was a little hot and squishy with about 4 more hours of driving to do. We arrived at ThaPhon, greeted by the dogs and Eiam’s Mum who had made us roast pork and rice. Hmmm that was really delicious!

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