Bangkok to Tha Phon

All 8 of us piled into a 4WD and took off for Tha Phon, which should have been a 4 hour drive but ended up 5 or 6 due to a 5 car pile up on the road and 3 stops along the way (4 including the supermarket  at Petchabun). The squish in the car made for very cozy conversation and poor Peter (uncle) had to listen to our ‘are we there yet?’ pleas along the way.
To our amusement, the Tesco supermarket in Petchabun had everything under the sun you could ever want. We thought we were off to the country and all civilisation  would be gone!
Tha Phon is a little village with about 3,000 people in it. My uncles house is the recently built’mansion’ of the village. Each of us couples had  an enormous room each with queen size bed, ensuite and air-con. We got the best one because we are the favourites (!) It had a balcony looking over the mountains. The house is stunning and so is the area we are in.
Ahhh, the serenity!
For the equivent of $15Aus we got takeaway from the restaurant, enough to feed all 8 of us!
After a visit from some pommy characters (friends of Peter and Eiams) and another dose of Thai beer to cool us down, we took off to bed and woke to the sun shining on the mountains.

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