Dizzy heights

On our first day in Queenstown we walked into town and looked around the shops and gorgeous scenery. It reminded us of the French Alps very much, with it’s stone and wood shops and French steeples on the churches. To celebrate the similarity we bought a fresh French baguette and ate it for lunch. Hmmmm. We told Dad it was a bread roll so he didn’t get too much of a culture shock. Shhhhh!

In the afternoon we braved the gondola up the mountain to the most spectacular views you could ever imagine. Colin managed the heights without any squirmishness or panic. Is he cured?

The lake seemed an unatural colour and the mountains were just magnificant. It’s a struggle not to sound repetitive but the views are just overwhelming. Dad and I are filling our SD cards and running out of camera batteries regularly.

Unfortunately, when we arrived back at the unit we got some bad news. Colins friend, Dave, who he has been mates with for almost 40 years (he was best man at his wedding and he was groomsman at ours) committed suicide last week. This has been quite sobering for us, particularly for Colin, understandably.

We have decided to stay in NZ and pay his family and kids a visit when we return. Our thoughts and prayers are with Connie and the family.


  1. Have caught up with your blog posts today Jen, and they’ve brought back lots of memories of our visit to NZ nearly 30 years ago. The scenery sure is spectacular – hope you took along a spare (very large) hard drive to empty the SD cards onto… Sounds like you’ve worked out how to handle to fellows & that they’re enjoying themselves too. The flight in the little plane must have been fun.

    I’ve been trying to keep up with three travel blogs, yours, one from Israel, & another from Europe and they are all making me toey to head back over to Europe again in June. Sicily, more of Italy & France & then a conference in Barcelona. Safe travels for the rest of it…


  2. Dad is off the chain! Eating bagettes and bungy jumping! haha
    It looks so beautiful over there and it’s nice to see you managed to get in a few photos of yourself too Jen.
    Sorry to hear about Dave. I have fond memories of him from your wedding.
    love to you all
    PS. footy message for dad on FB


  3. hi – so sorry to hear about Dave, he was such a good hearted bloke.

    Dad, I am looking forward to the slideshow – and – tell when you get back!



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