Queenstown Sth Island

We woke to an amazing sight out the window, which sent me running across the road with my camera half asleep and almost dressed. Dad also ventured across the road, with my enthusiastic prompting. We were greeted with a gorgeous patch of sun which was like a halo around then snowcapped mountains over Lake Taupo. Most of our weather had been overcast/ raining and this was the first patch of blue and only the second time we had seen the mountains.

After a quick clean up of the apartment we took off down the street for a coffee before embarking our 19 seater plane at Taupo airport.

The airport was tiny… and so was the plane but the scene outside the plane window was magnificent. Colin had a little ‘panic attack’ but I didn’t notice because I was too busy filming out the window. After arriving at Auckland, we caught a plane of a much more decent size to Queenstown on the Sth Island.

Taupo to Auckland

All I can say is WOW. The view from the plane coming towards Queenstown is gobsmacking. The plane skimmed across the snowcapped mountain ranges and water inlets. We were almost on Dads lap trying to see because it was jaw dropping scenery. Colin and I spent a week in the French Alps last year so we are not new to this type of scenery but we were still overwhelmed by the sight.

The view from our window

Our accommodation in Queenstown is far above our rank (according to Dad). It would be the nicest place we have ever stayed in and overlooks the stunning lake, surrounded  by mountains. Then entire loungeroom wall is like a giant painting (the windows completely open the wall up when you slide them across) and our bedroom also has this view.

Dad has his own coffee making facilities, microwave, TV and bathroom so he claims he is going to live in there and not come out.

Taupo to Auckland small plane view

We are all exhausted and looking forward to waking up in a new adventure tomorrow!

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