Last day on the North island

Our last day in Taupo turned us all a little silly. Dad tried his hand at several of the play equipment at the Prawn farm (captured on video) and so did Colin. I was the sensible one of course. Someone had to capture it on camera!

The prawn farm ended up more fun than expected with a lovelyy walk along the river bank and trout feeding (but not catching). The day ended with Dad THRASHING Col at mini golf. He skulked home afterwards.

It was sad to think we were leaving our lovely Taupo but the excitement of our double plane trip tomorrow on a 19 seater plane to Queenstown gave us something to look forward to.

Dads case now weights 5k more than when he started. TRUE! He insists it’s because he hasn’t done his washing and it’s full of dirt.

More photos on this Facebook link….


  1. Jen, either you need to turn your map upsidedown or throw away your satnav. Last time I was there Taupo was on the north island.


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