Look out NZ… here we come!

Flying high

We are about to embark on a wonderful trip to New Zealand with my Dad, who hasn’t had the pleasure of overseas travel before.  Part of our trip will include a double flight from Taupo to Queenstown, including a flight in a 19 seater from Taupo to Auckland. Colin doesn’t take to flying too well so we have organised a special seat for him (see pic).

Bad planning but maybe it will be fun!  We didn’t realise how big NZ is and booked our accommodation from North to South Islands too close together so we have had to fly instead of driving. I’m planning on sitting up the ‘other end’ so I don’t have to hold the sickie bag for Col.

Our Itinery:

11/2/10: Fly to Auckland and stay for one night

12/2/10: Arrive in Taupo and stay for 6 nights

19/2/10: Fly to Queenstown and stay 7 nights (including day trip to Milford sound)

26/2/10: Drive to Christchurch and stay for 2 nights (including day train trip to Greymouth and return)

28/2/10: Fly home

Stay tuned for the blogging of our adventures!


  1. all sounds like good fun to me. New Zealand is very lovely to look at and it sounds like you’ll see a fair bit of it. The Sth West (fiordland) is amazing, and so is the rest of the country. 😉 Looking forward to reading all about it.


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