Queenscliff Music festival 2009

Our 5th year in a row, but yet another awesome weekend of music, food, laughter and exhaustion. Our weekend was enjoyed with friends Andy and Jen (the ‘Louise’ part of our Thelma and Louise duo). The B&B we stayed in was quite a hit, especially the fruit salad and omelets in the morning. Andy didn’t have to whisper, like last year, so he was very happy.

You would swear these 3 were having the worst time of their lives (and that Andy was asleep) but it isn’t true. Promise! It is possible that tiredness was setting in while waiting for the next band to start up. Understandable for us oldies who were trying to burn the candle at both ends all weekend.

Friday night, Col and I partied with one of the headliners for the festival- Marcia Heinz while poor Jen went home with a migraine. Luckily she woke up feeling better in the morning. Marcia was a huge surprise for us as she is a top performer and very entertaining.  Unfortunately I didn’t get chosen for the Australian Idol old people series, but I will keep trying!

Saturday was spent sipping cappuccinos and skipping from one artist to the next. I particularly enjoyed the eclectic music of ‘Revolver and sun’ (mix of Rock and ?), who are both entertaining and gobsmackingly ‘different’. Their sound can only be described as a mix between ACDC and the Beatles. Imagine that? At one point half the audience were on the stage with them and the security guys were having a little panic attack trying to get them down. Considering they are teenagers, it is heartening to see up and coming performers such as them. It is one of the things I love about this festival.

Not good sound on this but it is a nice little glimpse…


I momentarily returned to my hippy days Saturday night with a magnificent performance from one of the headliners for the festival- the ‘Original Wailers’… without Bob Marley but I hardly missed him! Ahhh the memories.

Sunday afternoon we took a leisurely stroll at the market, after two very late nights and early mornings Col and I were getting pretty weary but fired up to watch Ella Thompson and on the return trip, Jimmy Hocking on the QMF train. If you have never been on a train with a rock/blues band… you haven’t lived! Jimmy even managed to balance on the moving train whilst playing his guitar behind his head and singing at the same time. Such talent.

The train is a great addition to the QMF experience and quite unique for a festival. There is one act in each carriage, which changes each trip each hour. The musicians find it a bit of a novelty too! Click on the image (left) to see Jimmy playing behind his head.

Sunday afternoon, I just HAD to go see Peter Coombe, who my kids adored when they were young. Sophie was so envious that I couldn’t resist rubbing it in by asking him for a pic afterwards. I think he was a little surprised but afterall, his audience was 25% small children 60% Gen Y and the rest my age.

I didn’t watch his whole performance, you will be glad to know (I am not totally loopy then!), because I had to go watch the final festival headliner- Tim Finn with Col. What a performer! He was so entertaining and topped the weekend off just nicely.

Now I will play my Jimmy Hocking and Rob Fowler CD’s until next year and look forward to another totally exhausting weekend!

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