Taking a Bath

Baths are always lovely… and this one was both wet and gorgeous. The weather forcast was ‘Sunny with rainy periods and cloud’.  At least they are accurate with their weather forecasts in England.

I have lots of pics here: Photos of BATH, UK, including some of Colin where he was dragged into a Comedy routine (of course).


Roman baths

Everyone told us Bath was beautiful and it certainly was. It has been nicely preserved and has lots to see. We spent our last 2 nights there, at a B&B about 4 kilometres away. We walked from our B&B to the city centre several times (and back) and all around Bath (for 8-12 hours) easily, with our new found fitness!


The ‘Bizaare Bath’ comedy tour came highly recommended to us by a Fireman at Col’s station. Typically, Colin got dragged up from the audience. The guy blindfolded him and tried to smooch him. Col had no idea until he saw the photos: Photos of BATH. It was a walking tour of Bath by night, which was a well executed mixture of comedy and magic. If you happen to be in Bath, it is worthwhile going.


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