all good things…

… must come to an end.  Our flight wasn’t until 10pm so from Bath we took off to Stonehenge and then spent the day visiting random villages.

sml stonehenge

We were excited to find a few villages with thatched roof houses as these are not typical in Cornwall (or London) where we spent most of our time.


Our flight to Hong Kong was 11 hours and as comfortable as it can be sitting on a hard seat with food being delivered at random hours of the night! Who has tea at mid night and breakfast at 4am? Breakfast was hot dogs and cakes. Hmmm! Yum. Then another 9 hours to Melbourne. Once we arrived, Sophie was meant to pick us up but she was lost and very upset. She was ‘somewhere near Melton’, so we tried valiantly to direct her back to Tullamarine. In the end, she stopped at a petrol station and a man asked her to follow him in his van. Obviously stranger danger means nothing to her LOL. She arrived in one piece and we were very grateful for the lift home where we were greeted by the others waking up and the dog doing loops with excitement.

Oooh! It’s chilly here. Now to unpack… and sleep.

More pics of our last day here….

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