Tignes, high in the French Alps

‘The hills are alive… with the sound of our teeth chattering…

Col in his shorts and tshirt on arrival

Col in his shorts and tshirt on arrival

Our drive to Tignes (pron Tiniea) took 4.5 hours. The scenery was breathtaking but so was the temperature change. We are here for a week in a timeshare unit with a view of the snowy mountains out the window. We are at 2500m with the ski lift to the glacier 50m away.

Tim and Suzanna arrived for the night on their motorbikes later on our first day, after spending it inside reading (me!) whilst watching the SNOW fall. It is snug inside, but being ill equipped for these temperatures, we are having to wear everything we own to keep warm. Dinner with Suzanna and Tim was called ‘Wa la’ (everything we could find in a pot). Our evening was filled with laughter and stories and we appreciated having friends for the night!

Tim, Suzanna, Col and I

Tim, Suzanna, Col and I

Col went grocery shopping yesterday and after having a heart attack at the cost ($10 for a small pkt of cereal), he arrived home with 2 funny stories…

1: He couldn’t find the eggs and the manager couldn’t understand him so he did the chicken dance. This worked a treat. The man is probably still laughing!

2: He bought what he thought was toilet rolls, with capsicum, carrots etc on them (!) but we discovered it was paper towel rolls. He decided to cut them in half with a bread knife so now we have vegetables on our toilet paper and a rather jagged edge to them.

Our mountain climbing expedition

Our mountain climbing expedition

Today we went mountain climbing up the mountain next to the resort. It was heavy going but I was encouraged by the eternal photograph moments and the various wildflowers growing… so I kept going and survived! There are lots of activities here, like a typical timeshare, such as archery, air rifle shooting, tennis etc. I just need to find Col a ‘playmate’ now.

I have gone crazy with the camera (after 2 days) but the photos don’t do the spectacular views any justice at all;(

Check out the photos…

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