Orange (France)


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My horse;( It is on a 90cm stand, which is difficult to see in the pic

Orange (pron Oohronzhhh) was a welcome relief from the tourist packed cities we have been visiting. A township in France, with only 30,000 people, has some of the oldest Roman ruins in existance. The ‘Orange Antique Theatre’, built in 93AD is an enormous structure which seats 9000. It is still used for Opera, concerts and stage performances. The photo doesn’t really show you how big it is but if people were standing on the stage at the base, they would look like ants.

The shops were quaint, the pattiserie delicious and the pace restful. I fell in love with the French country style shops and wanted to purchase a ‘useless item’ which would have taken up my whole suitcase. It was a hand carved horse on a rusty carousel stand, which stood about 90cm. I don’t understand what the problem with bringing him home was;( I even offered to post all my clothing home so I could fit him into the case. Such a spoil sport Colin is! I took a photo so I could become bitter about it and dwell on the injustice for a very long time. Not that I am one to do that he he.

our ruinsRubber thongs and shorts didn’t deter us from doing a spot of bushwalking. We were excited to discover our own Roman ruin in the bushland above the Theatre. It had plantlife growing through it and was quite a challenge to get to but we named it  Arc de Triumph Wood.

More photos can be seen here

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  1. Hi Col and Jenny,

    Dont forget Jen that you can always post stuff home if you really like it, dont get home and regret not buying some things as I did. Orange looks gorgeous and it is nice to get out of the busy cities and get into the country villages. Have Fun

    Steve and Janet


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