We arrived in Florence from Siena by bus, which was relatively easy. Our accommodation is near the railway station, but this made no difference. We still got lost and lugged our bags in the wrong direction for 30 minutes until our arms felt like they would drop off! The roads are so narrow and the buildings so high, it is very easy to get lost. We didn’t have a map either so that didn’t help.

So far we have been to Ufizzi gallery, Leonardo Di Vinci Mechanical expo and we have climbed every tower and high point of Florence to get the best views. The ‘Biggest Loser’ challenges ought to include getting around these hills and stairs with luggage.

Florence is a beautiful, bustling place with art work that takes your breath away. The art in the Ufizzi gallery cannot be fully appreciated without spending several days there, which of course, we didn’t.

There are Pinnochio masks, puppets etc everywhere. I guess there are a lot of lying children living in Florence who need to be taught a lesson?

Florence from the top of the cupola

View from the cupola

We are now very experienced at getting lost and asking directions in an Italian/English language of our own making and getting up and down stairs and onto transport with way too much luggage.

On the home front… Sophie, who won a scholarship to go on placement to China, has had a hiccup and the kindergarten in China. They do not want them to come (they are afraid they will give the children Swine flu) so the trip was cancelled. She is off to Hong Kong (today) with a couple of the girls for a short holiday to compensate.

Off to VENICE tomorrow! We are staying in a convent so there won’t be any internet or TV for a while and we have an 11pm curfew. No more nightclubs for us;(

More pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=86746&id=561229505&l=525e945bee


  1. Hey Jen, I am enjoying reading about you and Col’s adventures… glad to hear it is all going well.

    And I hope you survived being offline and unplugged for a few days!


    1. I have only had internet for 3 nights out of 16 so that isn’t bad. I do my blog off line and just copy and paste it. Its kind of like doing a journal I am thinking. Looking forward to a week where the blisters on my feet will heal!
      Jen xx


  2. Hi Jen & Col.

    I’m soo totally jealous. It all looks so beautiful (and warm too).

    I love the photo of Col sitting between the italian men on the bench, spot the tourist! haha.

    Keep on having a wonderful time.



    1. Yes that is my fav pic. The cultures in the photo are so pronounced! I wish the little man from the UK had looked up when I took it though. He was about 80 years old.


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