Rome wasn’t built in a day


My Roman friend at the Colosseum

We were staying within walking distance from the Colosseum, which was awesome.

Our 29 hour flight over here, left us feeling very glad to meet ‘Dominico Fato’, our B&B host in Rome, who showed us to our bed and gave us a very warm ‘Prego’ (that’s welcome… nothing to do with making babies).

Prior to arriving in Rome, I was living an illusion. I thought I was fit and I thought my shoes were comfortable. I have since discovered, that the sight of a set of stairs is enough to reduce me to tears and my calf muscles to go into spasms of panic. We have climbed ab out 5 thousand stairs per day, due to the fact that we HAVE to go to the top of every building we find. Not wanting to leave with regret, that we missed something, we are certainly covering all of the sights we were hoping to see. The ‘tour guide’ (Colin) is up at 5am and ready to get us off on our days adventures long before I am awake (at 7am).

Col and I at Trevi fountain

Col and I at Trevi fountain

Most of our first 2 days, we used the ‘hop on hop off’ buses, which, apart from being knocked unconcious by the branches of trees, was a great way to get around. I am still picking the splinters out of my skull from the times I ducked too late. Part of the attraction of riding on the open top double decker bus, is watching the motor bikes duck and weave. I have never seen so many bikes. The laneways are so tiny for the bus to get through, that today it wouldn’t fit at all so 2 men came out of a shop and picked up someones motor bike and moved it so we could fit. The traffic antics are hilarious and I have had a great time filming/photographing them.

IMG_0469The breathtaking sights of ancient Rome can’t be described. To turn a corner and be confronted by the Colosseum or the Pantheon can make even ME lost for words.

Colin has not attempted to try speaking Italian and so far has received a completely different meal to what he ordered and held up a very impatient queue in the supermarket while he tried to figure out the Italian system. Most people just laugh at our clumsy attempts, which is just as well. The woman working at the supermarket, however, was most UNIMPRESSED and rolled her eyes at him and sighed.

We climbed the stairs to the top of St Peters Basillica at the Vatican, into the dome right up the top and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Rome. It seems that at the top of every looonnnggg flight of stairs, we are rewarded with a view which takes the pain of your calf muscles away (momentarily). By the time we get to France, we will be sprinting up stairs without blinking!!

Trevi fountain

The Spanish steps with Charlie

We met up with my friend Charlie at the Spanishh steps today and had lunch in a little Italian laneway. Charlie seemed very keen on getting directions from Italian police. I think she has a ‘thing’ about men in uniform perhaps? It was great to catch up with her and also to talk Aussie for an hour or two.
I have used an 8gig memory card in 3 days. Hand up who wants to come to the slide night afterwards!!

I ILLEGALLY photographed some Roman uniforms today and got into much trouble from a little 4′ tall Italian woman. It was worth it. I honestly ommitted to read the sign, but even so, it was WORTH the scalding I got. Why is OK to photograph Michaelangelos paintings in the sistene chapel? I don’t understand the rules.

We have had no internet, TV or newspapers for 4 days and I don’t think things are going to improve over the next few days, so I am going to keep ‘blogging’ off line and put it all up at once.

7th June
st peters basillica and the Vatican museum.
hop on hop off bus (around Rome several times!!)

Colosseum and tour of the Roman Forum, Circus maximus and The sistine chapel.

9th Castle of Sant Angelo, Piazza Nevano, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Pantheon (including the tomb of Raphael) and many surprising little churches with amazing artistry adourning the ceilings and walls.

More pics:


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