A teaser from our movie ‘Elindil’s Secret’

At last, it’s here! Our movie ‘teaser’ for the movie ‘Elindil’s secret is now on YouTube.

Here is a word from our Director/Editor/Camerman/Actor etc etc…… Luke Oliver:

For those that are interested in the progress of Elindil’s Secret here is a brief update of where we are up to.

Throughout the year work on the movie Elindil’s Secret has continued; comprising of pick-up shoots, editing, script changes and effects.  Originally we hoped the movie would be finished by now, but the massive task of Visual Effects has taken not only longer than planned, but has also been a very difficult task.

The last six months has been a time of learning new software and techniques to make the Visual Effects more real and life like, but the time and effort have been worth it.  Over the past two months the Visual Effects have improved dramatically, but it looks like there will still be another three to four months of hard work to get these finished.  Once they are completed there are still sound effects,  ADR (Alternate Dialogue Recording) and music to be completed as well as a final colour grade.

All in all this has been a massive project, but one that will be worth seeing through to completion.  Even in it’s current state it’s a great movie, but we’re all looking forward to seeing the completed picture.

For those that haven’t heard of Elindil’s Secret, it is an adventure movie which encompasses the flavour of other movies like Indiana Jones, National Treasure and Davinci Code.  The story follows a historian who gets entangled in an ancient clan’s power struggle as they seek to claim a part of their heritage, known as Elindil’s Secret.

And here it is……

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