A weekend at Queenscliff music festival

This blog has been sadly neglected…. due to my involvement in the costume making for the ‘Spear and the Star’ production.

So here is a catch up…..

29112008004We went to the QMF with Jen and Andy a few weekends ago and had a hoot! Apart from the 4 star accommodation which was more like 1 star (what drugs was the person on who guaged it 4 star???)…. we had lots of fun groovin’ to the beats;)

< Ross Wilson (left) from up close in the mosh pit!

After finding a great artist on the Blues train, Jen (alias Lousie) and Andy are now Stalking him at pubs (and clubs)? It was great to have some laughs with them and watch some awesome music acts.

We have been going for about 4 years now and still have a ball….. but it was great sharing it with good friends this year.

291120082291120080011The Blues train

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