The last filming day (again!!)

This weekend was the final (3rd time!!) film shoot weekend for the movie: Elindils Secret.

Last night the guys did a marathon effort and filmed until 3.30am. Then we started again at 8am today, driving off to Warburton for a fight scene.

It was our last day and Peter’s first so it was a bit daunting, I am sure, for him to be thrown into a movie at this stage. As well as being punched up by David, plastered in fake blood (see Jen armed above), thrown onto a dirty wet forest floor and cramped up in a small space with the camera looming at close quarters. He did a great job and hopefully it will look terrific on film.

This afternoon we filmed ‘inside’ scenes, which is just as well as it was getting pretty chilly and damp outside. The wardrobe (my job) went completely haywire with things getting thrown together at last minute and decisions being made about which boxer shorts, robes and other random items on the spot. People were filling in for people and places were really other places. No wonder we all get confused. Is anything really anything in this film world???

I have already said my goodbyes and fond farewells (after the last final shoot day!?) so I won’t do it again.

Watch this space for more final shoot days!

More photos on this link: Facebook

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