A weekend of therapy!

Sophie and I went to Brisbane to the Scrapbook and papercraft conference for the long weekend.

It was just what the doctor ordered (some of you will be glad you don’t go to MY doctor lol).

We laughed until we cried (on several occassions), stressed over getting our workshops done and spread ‘Kindy Glitz’ all over our Motel room

Apart from the actual fun of doing all the workshops, I really enjoyed my daughters company. She is such a cool and funny person to be with:)

As well as the scrapbooking and papercraft workshops, we also did some Photoshop classes and learned from a professional photographer….. not that you could tell from this blog at all lol.

Now I have the rest of the week off and I am really looking forward to spending some ‘me’ time at home. After all that filming and working full time it has taken it’s toll on me.

Today, was going to be the only day I have had to myself for so long I can’t remember. Would you believe it? Shan took his first day off for 6 years ( he is sick…… he NEVER gets sick!!) and Blake phoned today to say he was coming home for a few days.

There is no chance of being lonely when you are a Mum it seems lol!


  1. The photos all look great, so you must have picked up some tips! Was all of that created in one weekend – you must have been flat out !

    Have a good few days at home – lock yourself in the toilet if you have to get some peace and quiet !


  2. Well I took these pics randomly and did nothing with them other than joining them together but thanks anyway Linda lol!

    We WERE flat out! I am not sure if the loo is the place for me to spend my break, but I guess if it comes to it…….


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