Its a wrap!

Yes….. finally ….. it is a wrap!

Yesterday started off badly (for me) with a small costume error which sent me up to Warburton where I wouldn’t have otherwise gone!! In hindsight, it was great to be there and watch the final ‘outside’ shooting and be with the team. I may kill Colin yet, but that’s another story too incriminating to explain in a public posting!

After the Warburton shooting, Jen, Andy and I snuck in for a cappuccino at Karunga nursery before going on to Donchi’s for the final shoot. It was lovely to spend some time with 2 friends I have met during the production and have grown very fond of.

Speaking of fondness….. the whole film crew and cast have been awesome to work with and I have really enjoyed the experience. We finished the day off with a fitting ‘break up party’ at Lukes where we watched all the ‘behind the scenes’ movies, bloopers and the filming (minus music, sound effects, audio and Computer generated effects). It was a great way to finish up and reflect on a fantastic effort by all and have a laugh and reminisce!! Seeing the film credits roll at the end made it all very real!

I wouldn’t know who to start thanking or who to thank the most once I got started so I just want to say a special THANKS to everyone for your friendship and patience. You are a top lot and I will never forget this experience. It will be nice to have a rest from washing the smelly garments but other than that it has been a total pleasure.

See you all on the red carpet guys!!

My pics from this week can be seen on Facebook via this link:


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