Second last Elindil’s Secret movie shoot!

Saturday was our 2nd last shoot for the movie. It was a looong day (13 hours) with lots of different shoots on blue screen.

The day started off pretty slowly with the washing of the kangaroo who had experienced a drowning in lamb shanks (don’t ask) and a missing hat which sent the Wardrobe person (me) to the opshop looking for an alternative.

We almost had the whole cast involved at some stage of the day, including John Capper who almost had to have his hair cut onsite (due to the over growth and continuity problems!!).

Luke took a dunking in Lilydale lake wearing another cast members clothing.

Rodney had his legs exposed on camera which is a real achievement for a Camera man!

Warren got a little nervous with his baby girl watching him which resulted in him having a bit of trouble with his lines. Girls have this effect on men obviously!

Thanks to those of you that traveled far for a small amount of shooting or who had to wait around with little to do. Thanks also to Mary for the lovely lunch!

Blue screen shoots can be quite mindlessly boring but a quick trip to Spotlight helped break the day for me. If it works…… do it.

Now that I have my ‘studio’ set up (Blake’s old bedroom) I am all set up to do this costume stuff properly. Not having the smelly costumes in my bedroom is a good thing.

Should we start again guys????

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