Our Egypt tour re-union with the Habibi group!

It was fitting that our re-union came at a time when the coronors inquest was on for the bus accident that happened in 2006 in Egypt was on. Our agent, Egypt tours, Stephen Seif, has been to court this week over the this accident with the very same tour that we went on (Police and Firebrigade tour). (See this link for more info)

The re-union was great fun and we enjoyed catching up and sharing our experiences with each other, amongst much frivolity and nonsense!

During the night we phoned our tour guide in Egypt (Fady), it was great to hear his voice and chat to him!

Four people traveled form Albury and Arrarat and stayed in a Motel down the road. It was terrific that they traveled 4 hours plus an off beat taxi ride, to come and help make it such a great night.

We watched the DVD which I have put together in the ‘theatre’ (our lounge room converted!!).

Most people trundled home at about midnight after much ‘eating drinking and being merry’.

Take a look at my Facebook album to see the rest of the photos.

You can take a glimpse at some of our tour experiences in the clips below:

Colin Belly Dancing

Our day in Cairo

My brave experience with a lion

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