Car dramas

   Sophie decided not to go to La Trobe in Bendigo and do teaching this year so she is doing the Diploma of Childcare as a pathway to teaching, at Swinburne. She is at Croydon campus IN THE SAME CORRIDOR AS ME!!!! I can actually hear the class from my desk. This morning she was doing ‘activities’ in the middle of the corridor and I could hear her laughing.

She is having a great time though and I am itching to do her homework so I am having to restrain myself. Tonight she is making a ‘sensory quilt’ and a fabric snake!!


Anyway………. on with the story. Today I was about to drive Swinburnes new ‘Hybrid’ car (which I have not driven before) and my colleague and I were about to get in the car when I got a call from Sophie to say she had reversed into another car in the shopping centre next door. She was fine, but upset so I told her I would come straight over.

Easily said…….there are no ‘keys’ to this Hybrid car, or ignition to turn over, or shift to change from Reverse to Drive etc. There is also no handbrake and a lot of electronic things going on.

Do you think we could get that stupid car going????? In the end we got there and I couldn’t figure out how to get it in park or how to put on the handbrake (which turned out to be a foot brake) so I couldn’t get out of the car to go and comfort her. In the end I left it in neutral with no handbrake on and parked at an odd angle. The guy who’s car she hit must have been thinking “THESE WOOD WOMEN NEED TO BE TAKEN OFF THE ROADS”!!

It was so hysterical, Deb and I laughed afterwards all the way to Hawthorn. Of course then when we got there, we couldn’t get her window up…… so we had to leave it down. Shhhhhh don’t tell our boss lol.

Soph was a bit teary and has an even bigger hole in her pocket now (its called a CAR) but her car only has a little scratch. The other car is totally caved in! Her words of despair tonight were: “but I just washed it last night!!”

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