Thelma and Louise

jen-and-i-blog-size.jpgLast night I went to Louise’s 50th Birthday party with Colin. Her name is Jennie really but our nic names are ‘Thelma and Louise’. Jen and I acquired these nick names on the way to Bega recently when we went up for a weekend movie shoot for Elindil’s Secret. It was nothing to do with us burning along in the Mazda 6 singing into the radio for the rest of the convoy to enjoy. Nor was it anything to do with having Brad Pitt in the back seat. We didn’t drive off a cliff (like in the movie) so I dunno how we managed it!

Jens party brought home my own childhood memories. Jen is the oldest of 5 girls …no boys (I am the oldest of 4 girls….. no boys). It was lovely to see her sisters get up last night and sing a song for her and to hear the stories and experiences shared during the speeches. Being a sister has its own special parts to it. The most special, is as Andy said last night, the ability for us to hold 50 conversations at once and still know what we are talking about!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louise, you really are a trouper and I have enjoyed getting to know you on the movie crew.

You rock!! (and so did the band last night!)

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  1. “Thelma & Louise” the legend continues! Thanks for making it such a fun night – especially as you had to miss your Belly dancing reunion! LOL
    Jen xo (older but not much wiser!!)


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