La la la!

sophie-singing.jpgToday Sophie sang 2 songs on the stage at Bridie O’Reilley’s Irish pub in Brunswick.

She sang ‘Sway’ and ‘Kiss me’ and was so awesome!

Unfortunately, she refused to let me bring the video camera. In fact, she checked my bag before I left!! I tricked her though and managed to take some recordings on my still digital camera he he he!

Colin, Rohan and his Mum Rhonda came to watch as well so she had a little cheer squad (as well as the rest of the pub crowd).

Yesterday she sang on Blake’s band ‘Optic Martyr’s’ CD they are producing so she has plenty of glamour and fame for one weekend. Now back to reality…, room cleaning and trying to pay for petrol.

You go girl!!

One comment

  1. Rock on Sophie! You look great, pity you wouldn’t let Mum tape you so I could say you sound great too. hehe

    Love the Newmerella pics Jen. Last time we were driving through I told the girl behind the counter my story and she just looked at me like I was on something. She was so young she probably didn’t even know that the servo wasn’t always like it is now. *sigh* good times.

    Do you miss being a giant? You’re still taller than me btw.


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