Spooning at Colin’s birthday tea

cols-birthday.jpgCan you spot the spoon in these pics?

Last night we went to the ‘usual’ for Colin’s birthday: Phoolwari Indian restaurant in Ringwood. I don’t know what it is about my family, but we seem to spend our time talking nonsense and laughing at the ridiculous. Shannon’s girlfriend Hanna just goes along for the ride and laughs at us all (which makes us much worse).

We ate our usual banquet and finished it up with stale birthday cake with the supermarket wrap still on it (see the pic). None of us like cake so it didn’t really matter. Glad I didn’t go to the trouble of baking!

Col has had a potentially serious health problem for the past few weeks. Today he got the all clear from the specialist, although he has 6 weeks worth of antibiotics to take. They are making him sleepy. I am so sad about that (not!!!). I just LIVE for a goodnight sleep. If the drugs work, take them I say!!

Anyhow, as you can see, it has been a happy birthday for him with all his silly family around him. I love it that we can enjoy each others company as adults now.

To quote my little sister (on HER blog),  one of my favourite movies is Parenthood. There is a pearl of wisdom from a very unlikely source in that movie where the granny makes an analogy about life, she says she prefers the rollercoaster to a merry go round.

Life is feeling very much like a rollercoaster at the moment and I never know which way I am going or what’s going to happen next.

Actually I do know which way I am going………… to work………….. to study…………… to the movie shoots.

BUT…….. on Friday we are off to Perth for 11 days. Yay!


  1. LOL, yes we all did the indian dance and spoke about Blake being missing at sea and the tree where shan and blake lost their gun, about poor daddy who is afraid of heights had to get, it down only to discover it was a stick.
    Oh and how inventive is the spoon?


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