‘The no chemo’ sleeping party

Here’s an update on chemo number 18…

I sat with 3 other women in the usual row outside the ‘chemo room’ at Maroondah this morning. It is our usual routine. The MOTH goes to get us coffee and I sit and wait for the room to open. The other women waiting were at various stages. One was there for the first time, looking rather nervous, one for her second and another for her 5th. ‘FIVE!!!?’ They remarked. ‘Wow’. I sat there sheepishly hoping they didn’t ask me how many I had had. Who wants to know my story when you are just about to embark on your first?

I remember that first day. I reassured the lady about to have her 1st and tried to look like I was having a ball.

I found my favourite chair and got my cannula put in and the blood test done. The simply adorable nurses in there lectured me about making sure I told the oncologist about my symptoms and we went over to the breast clinic and did just that. I had it all written down on my phone in a list just incase I had a vague attack.

He believes that the symptoms are all side effects and my body has finally decided to have a meltdown. He agreed that given the chemo has questionable benefits, it is not going to make any difference if I stop. Unlike the nurses, he wasn’t concerned about the symptoms being from other sources (let’s not go into explanations here). The nurses have known me for a while now and I appreciate their concern so much. I have promised them I will be careful and seek medical advice if I don’t improve. So if the sleepiness and muscle weakness get worse I will go into the emergency dept and get tests done. I believe I am going to get back to my old self now and that will be that. Watch out world… you have forgotten what I am really like.

Colin was celebrating. The nurses gave me hugs. The receptionist gave me a hug and one for the MOTH… with an insult thrown in as well. I felt so sleepy I just wanted to go home to bed. So I had 3 hours sleep and that was my celebration. My dog enjoyed my company:)

Now that I’m awake, I will say… HOORAY!!!! 

ANOTHER exciting thing is that I am going to go to Ringwood Private for my radio therapy instead of Box Hill. THAT will be awesome. 25 days of driving to Box Hill and finding a park wasn’t thrilling me.

Here is my last wonderful news. The radio therapy people are going to give me my first TATOO!! How good is that? I might take some design ideas in with me. Yes?


  1. LOL Hi Jenny, I got my tattoo last week, though not my first, one was right in the middle of my breasts , just looks like a huge black head, so make sure you ask for anything but black LOL.

    good luck with the radiation. I start mine this Thursday.

    Pauline. xx

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