Goodbye Lefty – written by Sophie

So a few days ago Mum was telling me that her close friend gave her left breast a little wave goodbye before surgery. Mum proceeded with “Do you have anything to say to my left breast Sophie?” I responded, “I have NOTHING to say to it” and with that I gave her left breast the silent treatment and went on my merry way.

Yesterday was surgery day. The operation took about 5 hours. For those who don’t know, they also took her left arm’s lymph nodes out as there was cancer present. Still unsure if second lump was cancer (presuming it was), will find out in a weeks time from pathology. The cut (scar) appears neat and Jenny said that they were pedantic about making the right measurements and a neat incision. There were no complications which was fantastic. An expander has been put in temporarily. Further cancer treatment is yet to be decided as apparently she’s a rare case and the doctors are putting all their heads together on this one! Jenny has a drainage tube from her left side. She has to carry the tubes around in a tote bag, one the nurses gave her  (What the?).

Jenny was in high spirits today, the grogginess has warn off and she said she’s “eaten like a horse”. She is already doing her arm exercises the physio gave her, like a pro! As she has no lymph nodes on one side she will need to be extra careful of her arm in numerous ways, for the rest of her life time. Jenny will hopefully be home within the next few days.

Our family is overwhelmed with the support we’ve been given and I can speak for us all in saying we are proud to be part of her life. I know this journey has made me want to strive to be more like my Mum as her strength and positivity is truly inspirational. “Kick cancer’s butt!”

Love Sophie

P.s I apologize If I haven’t gotten back to people as I work full time, but feel free to message my FB if you require more information!



  1. Soph we are all very proud of you and the support you have been and continue to be to your mum. Your very much like her xxxxxxxxx


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