Erk Time

Just a quick update. I had my first dose of the new chemo on Tuesday and haven’t left the house since, apart from a walk with the dog yesterday. Today I’ve been dozing in a chair all day popping Maxolon and cortisone to stop the nausea. Feeling ghastly but the dr said it should only last 3-4 days. I have this chemo 3 weekly instead of weekly so praying that it’s temporary.
I’m trying to keep fluids down and Marley is keeping me company on my recliner chair:)



  1. Keep it up Jen. At least you are still posting. Awesome. Loved the eyebrows story. I lost mine in 1974 (Brain tumour chemo). They grew back a bit but I’ve been creative with them ever since. I know the problem 😦 And I’m definitely not an artist as you are!


  2. Really like the concept of this series of the animals in dens, very embryonic kind of. Well done, great detail. Sorry you’ve been having such a rough time, hope you’ll be feeling better soon!


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