Foix is ‘FWA’

We left Figeac for Foix (pron Fwa) via Najec (pron ???). Najec proved to be a very beautiful spot with a breathtaking castle overlooking the village and the mandatory 1000 steps up to the top of the turret. I’ll leave you with a photo as I think it says it all…

After leaving Najec we tackled the motorway to Foix, where we unloaded our growing luggage into our hotel room. Another ‘one nighter’ but hey… it has free wifi and it’s fast!

Foix is a bigger town, not so preserved in medieval ways but has a lovely castle high on a hill in the middle of the town. It was build in the 800’s and has 2 huge turrets to climb. That makes 3 spiral staircases in one day. If it wasn’t for all these French pastries I would be thin as a pin.

Tomorrow we are back in Spain, to Manresa, Spain for another one nighter and then to Barcelona for a week on the beach.

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