Tony gets a shower

Today the 4 off us took off to Gourdon, Domme and Sarlat. After the GPS sent us off circling Figeac 4 times for good measure, we ended up in Gourdon where we had a loo and lunch stop. As we pulled up, Lorraine and I used the toilet, which was one of those automatic ones, and Tony went in after us. Colin, Lorraine and I were standing outside the toilet when we heard an almighty roar and a gushing of water. We all had the giggles which erupted into laughter when Tony emerged from the toilet soaked. He hadn’t locked it so he was included in the loo washing cycle. Unfortunately, the toilet retracts into the wall and water erupts from the floor so it was a bit disconcerting for him. I’ll leave the details up to your imagination!

We followed the toilet stunt with a delicious lunch with free wifi and apart  from Lorraine pinching the last lemon meringue tart, enjoyed it so much we decided we wouldn’t need tea. It was finished off with a drenching in a rain shower and another odd trip with the GPS to our next destination.

All in all, it was a very drenching experience, for some more than others. Tony is looking forward to us NOT asking to drive to 12 small villages on goats tracks tomorrow!!

Oh and yes… we DID have tea when we arrived back at 8pm. Piglets!

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