Almost towed away in a tow truck

Imagine our dismay in seeing a tow truck arrive to help us with our broken down hire car this morning. He drove all the way from Barcelona, to save us from a ghastly mishap on a public holiday far away from help. It turned out to be a flat battery, which he jump started so we were glad not to be towed away! We are hoping like crazy that it’s the first and last time it happens as we are off into the Pyranees from here on.
After the first hiccup we arrived at Girona and had a wonderful day exploring the ancient town on foot. Climbing castles and cathedrals, fort walls and into places where angels fear to tread… for 6 hours solid. I’m re-naming the MOTH ‘Commando’. If it wasn’t for all the food and wine we consume we would be the biggest losers for certain.
Girona was an unexpected surprise.It reminds us of Venice, without the crowds and the water canals. It has the added bonus of enormous castles and cathedrals which take your breath away… especially when you climb them in the heat.
NOTHING is open today, including the supermarkets so we had the added bonus of no crowds. It’ll be interesting to see how crowded it is tomorrow when it all comes alive!
By the way, I’ve discovered I can send REAL postcards from my iphone. I sent three from Italy once. 2 of them never arrived and one arrived 10 months later. Let’s see what happens to these ones. If you don’t get one… it’s lost. OK?

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