Preparing for our cycling adventure

Today we began our first training day after a long break in riding. The mandatory lunch (Vietnamese) with a glass of wine helped the jelly legs and sore butt! I am ashamed of how bad I am at riding right now, compared to 12 months ago. The weather has certainly put me off as well as our tight schedule of 21st birthdays, engagement parties and overseas trips.

Our cycling trip in June will be 580 kilometres, taken nice and easy so we can see the sights and enjoy the scenery in Spain and France.

I will be posting more details about the sponsorship here, just as soon as Christie sends me some photos and more details about the orphanage project we will raise funds for!

Meanwhile, you can take a sticky beak at our proposed route here:

Cycle for Cambodia


  1. Wine helps a sore butt? Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Seriously though – good blog. I hope you heal well and post more.


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