Loy Krathong Festival

After a frantic shopping trip, we walked to the village Loy Krathong festival where the entire village celebrated. Locals floated hand made Katong down a river with a candle in it.  “Katong” means a Lotus shaped vessel made of banana leaves. The Katong usually holds a candle. Again, we were the only non-Thai people there and the mayor welcomed us and instructed the locals to be nice to us and professional (!), translated by Eiam.

After a ‘Miss Thai Phon competition, Thai boxing and dancing, we went to float some Katong down the creek and let off giant hot air balloons (see pic). Having watched the local women making the Katong the day before, it was very special to see them floating around with their candles lit.

We arrived home at about 11.30pm and went to sleep to the sound of the very loud festival music, ready to wake early (ish) to leave Tha Phon for good the next morning.

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