My photo safari

I had a hoot of a day on a Photo Safari with Aus 2002 photographer of the year- Jackie Ranken. We went to about 6 locations around Glenorchy and Paradise (Yes… I’ve been to Paradise) where Jackie encouraged creative photography. I had to do all my shooting in manual mode (which I am a bit lazy about when I travel cos it is slower) and had the delight of using her lenses and tripod. It was so lovely to have the amazing NZ scenery coupled with dedicated time just to play.

Some of the areas we went to were shooting locations for Lord of the Rings…. eg:

More photos on this link…


  1. Hi Jen, Colin and Jen’s Dad, it has been great following your blog and I know that you are coming to the latter end of the trip. It has been great to see pictures of places we have visited and your photos are beautiful. Sorry to hear about Colins friend and we are praying for you both and his family. Isnt it just a beautiful country. I told Tanya that your Dad went bungy jumping as I believed the picture, Steve later told me that it was not your Dad’s body on the picture boy did I feel silly. Take care and I hope that there are no more mishaps along the way. See you soon. Oh I suppose that you would know that Megan and Rohan are now parents, gorgeous little Zarriah was in church on Sunday.

    Have fun Steve and Janet


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